Earth Care

Our Beliefs for the Care of the Earth
  • We believe all life on the planet is sacred and deserves respect and protection.
  • We believe in the wise use and care for all resources.
  • Our belief that the Earth is in need of healing, led us and our ministries to endorse the Earth Charter, an ethical framework for building a just, sustainable, and peaceful global society in the 21st century.
  • We believe by caring for the Earth, we can help the healing process and contribute to a more sustainable environment for all of Earth's inhabitants.
  • Our belief in the care, restoration and protection of the biodiversity at The Center at Donaldson, led us to create a Biodiversity Recovery Plan for our lands and to hire a full-time Ecological Relationship Director in 2016. This position is responsible to explore our ecological relationships by deepening our commitment to sustainability, using science to educate and to direct stewardship. Part of this education includes a blog that highlights the ecological work at The Center at Donaldson.